Sunday, February 21, 2016

Small mental note to self

It had been so long that I have not update my blog...

I still have my Jogjakarta trip with my mom and another trip to Cameron Highland with bro and sis-in-law's family. 

Life been lazy, busy, hectic and procrastinating.

Lazy because too much distractions until did not get things done.
Busy and hectic because life kinda turn south
Procrastinate because having exams in the coming March...

I will try to post the photos of me during the trip from Jokja and Cameron here if I can compile all the photos of me and find time for it.

So... my friends asked me how's life. I answer it sucks, or nah.
Peace out

Friday, August 28, 2015

Little Herbal Tea

Today, I don't feel like going to campus to study like I normally do, but end up I procrastinate like hell, almost the whole day. Last few days that I don't have class, I normally will go campus to study. Then I found out, I spend lot of money on food. So today I plan not to go and stay home.

During lunch, my mom suggest that we try out the Little Herbal Time in Taman Megah. The shop was used to be Secret Recipe. I wanted to try some western food. Sadly there don't serve it today, on break what they say.

Sizzling Peppermint
I love peppermint. This drink is nice. Like sourness and minty feeling. Just bit too much ice
Mango Goji Pudding and Ginger Tea
My mom wanted to try the ginger tea. It's a bit too spicy for my taste. Maybe I'm just not used to it.
Pudding~~ I'm not really a fan of bitter. This pudding, it has some yong sum so. So... The pudding is not bad in general. I'm just not used to the bitterness from the roots.

Hai Nan Chicken Rice
Claypot Lao Su Fun
I enjoyed my meal. I would go next time here, and I would like to try their wild honey lime drink and western food for sure. hmmm... I post the food here, since don't feel like posting in Instagram or facebook. So just short update here.

Piece out (Y)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Am I that weird???

This semester I'm taking F8 and F4... No need to say. I'm going solo on F4. I kinda made a friend, a foreign student, in F8 cause coincidently that I was at the same class as her in P2. 

So I normally go early to class to book a sit for myself and her at the same time for F8. One day, I went to book, couldn't find a place that could sit 2 person. So went up sitting at the back. Later, I think she didn't see me at the back. End up I sitting alone. The next few classes, she didn't find me to sit with already. She find the other classmate that sit bit front. 

The next few classes, I tried to sit near them, hopefully she saw me or something. Those few classes, I sat around the same group of guys. My classroom is like auditorium like, benches sit. One day, I went and book a sit for myself. I already saw the guys bag at their sit and I saw that there was few available space. So I sat there and mind my own business. 

When the guys came back from lunch. The guy that was about to sit next to me was having big reaction. Like sending a message to his friends that he don't want to sit with me. And he thinks I didn't see his reaction or I don't get his reaction. 

Maybe I'm just being paranoid or something. He might not be talking about me. But the feeling isn't nice. It feel super awful. At that moment I keep convince myself that he isn't talking about me, even part of me might ask keep myself "Am I that bad??"

During our class, my lecturer wanted to the students to discuss in pairs about what she had just taught in class. In his gang, the guy next to him is the odd one out. I could see that his buddies was like, "dude... you gotta pair with her". By judging his face was like "Shit...". End up, he discussed with his friend that sat behind him. Then I tried to have some discussion with another pair of girls that sat in front of me.

I know it will happen to anyone. Like you think that 'this is my territory'. Of cause, when someone you don't know happen to be in the territory, you will be caution and think that the other party was like strange creature that you wanted to avoid and ignore them.


Then during the break, I went to cafeteria. Don't want to be around that group of people at that moment. So after I bought my coffee and saw the foreign student that I was friend with eating some fried chicken with her other buddy. I thicken my skin (I'm a shy kid, okay) and just join them. I got introduce to the other buddy and ask whether that I could sit with them next class. Permission accepted. Yay!

The next class, I purposely don't want to go class early to book a sit for myself. When I reached the class bit later, I already saw the group of guys and my friend was already there. The guys sat bit more behind and my friend sat more to the front. So I show them the fine-I-could-sit-here-dont-need-to-sit-next-to-you look and sat with my friends. And of cause, I felt much better. 

Small moment of revenge for myself. During this break, I went and bought coffee at cafeteria and I bum to that guy, and I pretend I didn't see him. Back to class, I was sitting at the side, I need to let myself out the allow the students that sat in the middle of the bench out. So when I was out to let the students to sit back on their sit, the guy that sat with me at the last class was about to come. I allowed him to pass through before I sit back. I also show my behsong face to him, but he said 'thank you' and pass me. I thought I heard some guilt there, maybe not. lol... I'm evil at that moment... 

But this small moment just made my mood bit better. It's ridiculous, I know. Antisocial people have feelings too, okay. Just be careful and don't insult people so much. Or don't insult or offend people in general. Be bit open. and back to me too. Need to get out of my own shell.

Peace out (Y)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Brighter side of my 20th birthday

Judging by yesterday's post, it's sound so sad. Maybe not so. Maybe. I got home, ignore my dad and mom, I went to my room and try to take a nap since I can't go out anyway. My bro came in and confirm that I was still going or not. At that moment, I had no mood to see anyone. Was already cover my face with blanket and told him I was not going anymore, since yesterday I actually as him to be my chaperon. Even, when my dad, I think, cause I haven't lift the blanket off at that time, went toilet. He didn't even bother asking anything or wish me anything. I thought I had finish crying in the car. Nope, I was wrong... After he left the room, I burst again... Man... Maybe I'm having PMS, my mood runs wild. 

Anyway, after awhile, mom came up and call us for dinner. Dinner was quiet... Then I look around while eating, I noticed there was an empty can of evaporated milk inside the small dustbin next to the sink.

After my father ate finish, he just left the kitchen. I actually no appetite to eat at that moment, so was eating super slow. Then I asked my mom, is she making cheesecake. And yes, she was. Then I was feeling bubbly inside and happy at the same time.

She asked last week that what would I like to eat for my birthday. I thought it was about where to eat out. But she corrected me by saying what I her to make me for my birthday. Last few years, I have been requesting 生日面 and fried chicken. So I thought I wanted something different. I remember a figment that when I was super young, I like the cake she made. All I remember was there was a biscuit base and jelly on top. I also hearing from my brother or mom before that it takes quite some effort. So I jokingly told her no need to make it, just stick with the noodles and fried chicken. I didn't expect that she went to Giant and bought the ingrents to make the cheesecake for me when I was at workshop yesterday. 

And also after I finally finish my dinner, I was about to see the last part making of the cake. 

I took most of the picture for snapchat. So there was more pictures and some videos. 

After placing the cake into the fridge, and quickly went back to my room and procrastinate bit before going to shower. Mom came in bit later, cause she wanted to rest a bit more in the kitchen (there's a ceiling fan, that's why)

When I was about middle of procrastinate, Stephanie called my mom. I was actually next to her. My mom asked me whether want me to pick up or not pick up. She knew that I was upset. So I told her to just pick up and told her beforehand that I was not available if she asked for me. I was glad that she didn't put it loudspeaker when she spoke. But I still could hear a bit and figure out a bit. I was surprised that they would come all the way from 1Utama to my part of PJ. Of cause at that time, she was hesitating since my dad was at home. And I don't want then to see him. So I suggested to go playground or something. After she ended the call, I quickly took a shower and my mom helped my a bit to clean last minutes part of kitchen in case they wants to drink some sugar cane drink they had boil during the afternoon or to eat the cheesecake that my mom made few moments ago. Later on, I felt like playground is not a good idea, cause they might bring cake and need plate and we stick to the kitchen if we have too. So she wash the guest cups and I wash small plates if they brought cake. 

So.... When everything settled already, I wait anxiously at my study table while my
father was at the living room scrolling through his iPad. I was already no mood to study to I just look through my phone too. I think my father sense that I'll be having guest later, so he also left the living room and didn't left the bedroom since. So I thought he was giving me some consideration. 

And they finally came!!! I'm happy for sure. Even brought a cake
Hey, the thoughts counts. We sang birthday song and all of us share this piece of cake. We chat bit more. They didn't stay long, but I really appreciate they came here to meet me. And tomorrow, which now is today, is PuiYan's birthday. 

I think friendship like that are hard to find. So we need to appreciate while we can and have it. 

Live the moment and you never know unknown event might made your day 

Peace out (Y)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Emotional birthday, I guess

Hello... Just need some place to vent.
Yeah, today's my birthday. And it the year that I entering the age of 20. I literally typing this post in a playground parking lot near my place. Cause I don't feel like going home at the moment. Can't believe that I feel like that and also fingers are shaking at typing because how emotionally sad. 

This morning, I'm actually quite excited a bit, cause might be celebrating my birthday with my secondary school friends. Yeah, you heard me, MIGHT.. Last night I got a call from Stephanie that TODAY night will be hanging out with their buddies. I was kinda felt happy cause whenever see their pictures when they hangout, tiny part of me is jealous. I can't help and see them from far.

So coincidently that my dad from outstation came back yesterday afternoon. When Stephanie called me, I agreed without hesitation knowing that my dad will get mad about it. 

My mom and brother kinda celebrate early, cause we know my dad don't really like these kind of stuff. For example, eating out, celebrate birthdays, I hanging out with friends cause he will think that I'll  spend money like nobody's business. Moreover, the economic now in Malaysia is super bad and I need to spend extra money for my own education since I fail more papers. He also hated that I waste time. 

Just now, I just finish my workshop for the coming finals I'm taking in September. During class, my mom suddenly Whatsapp me and said that my dad disagree me to go. After I saw the message, my mood was slightly better than normal days drop to deep sea of ocean. 

This brings me the memory of last year, Ruby's wedding after party. Pearl's friends try to convince my dad to let me go and he reluctantly say yes, then quietly say no after they were out of ear shot. 

When I almost few meters away from home, suddenly I got a feeling that I don't feel like going home just yet. Just not ready to see his face. 

So instead turning to the road that lead home, I turned to other junction and drive to the playground car park. 

Once reach the carpark, I turn off the engine and air cond, but leave the sound system playing songs from my pen drive. I also straight away adjust my sit to lying position. I didn't know I was so emo. 

Looking out the window, see the pink and white flowers on the trees and my father's last night words playing in my mind again. And thinking of my fail papers. Without realizing... I burst to tears.

After I settle a bit, then I know I need a place to vent these thoughts and feelings. Since I'm still kinda embarrassed to see my family at the moment.  

Haha, while typing this post, it starts to rain and it kind look pretty

Of cause after typing, thinking and listening to favourite songs playing in the stereo. It's a bit ridicules to cry and frustrated over that can't celebrate my birthday with friends. But of cause I would like to live the moments. I still have other years to live and celebrate with them. 

Okay... I think I'm kinda okay and feeling okay. Through out when I type this post, surprising that my radio played the songs that were emotional and currently is playing "Be Your Everything" by Boys like Girls. And yeah I'm ready to go home now, it's almost that I'm here almost an hour. Gonna drive back and face the day. Again. 

Peace out (Y) 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Early Birthday Celebration

 Yay!!! My actual birthday is actually coming Sunday (16.8.2015). My mom decided that we'll celebrate early, because that my dad might be coming back on that day and I have class that day. I forgot to mention in the last post saying that I'm also taking workshop for F5 and F9 on every weekends. *boohoo... my happy weekends is gone* Haiz... I deserve that pricey punishment.... 

Yesterday, my mom actually planned to cook dinner, but when she came back from her lunch date, it was already quite late and she needed to rush to her tuition class. So end up we ate dinner out. After pick up bro, we went Paradigm and ate Pasta Zanmai.

Fruit tea. I like this :)
I forgot the take the before I mixed the sauce together. This is delicious

Since I was already in Paradigm Mall, so I thought of buy some skin care products in discount from Facebook, since it's my birthday month. I'll get 30% discount. So I stocked up some that I needed and some extras.. haha

This is what I bought and another face mask, which I kept in the fridge. So I didn't take out. Mom paid for these and it cause quite a bit. The cleansing foam it's the birthday present given by the shop. So yeah... Mom also bought herself a lipstick and I forgot to buy some hair serum.... hmph..


Today, my brother took 2 weeks off starting today. So my mom thought of going NU Sentral. Every since last time, I've been nagging to go there again, cause I found "Bath and Body Works". We ate The Manhattan Fishmarket for dinner. We actually wanted to Tony Roma's. haha... But I overslept from my afternoon nap. Oops... End up we missed the Time Out promotion. 

perfect catch

I enjoyed my dinner. Yay!!

Next stop!! Bath and Body Works. WAHAHAHA... I went crazy with the body mist. My mission in there was buy one body mist for myself. 

Normally, I would use my angpao money to buy something for my birthday. And so, this year, I choose to some of it in body mist. The smaller bottle is chosen by my mom and I also bought it for her since it's just within my budget. Last 2 years, I bought myself BTS albums. It's worth it. Haha :)

I'm a Happy Kid these two days. Yay!! 

Peace Out (Y)

After my July 2015 ACCA results decision

Last term ACCA results out at 1st of August. The results was out early because there is new exam coming up on September.

I was already planned to take my F5 paper on the coming September. I don't know I mentioned on the last post. I might not. The last finals, I expect that I would pass my F7 and F4 papers, and might fail F7 because I didn't manage to finish my paper. When the results was out, I was bit shocked that the results show the opposite. F7 pass and fail F4 F5... hmph...

I was already attending P2 and F8 classes. So I need to figure out what to do. Since my F9 paper is 46, I going to take it on September with my F5. F4 and F8 gonna take it on December.

At first, I don't know whether that I should drop P2. When I seek for advise with the admin staff. Actually I wanted to discuss with them about my progress test, cause it clashes with my classes. End up discussing about my results. So that's why. Anyway, I didn't know that I need 4 F papers to pass in order to take P papers. That's what made me to make the decision to drop P2 class.

Actually I wanted to self study for F4 again, but again... admin advise me to take classes again... hmph... kinda no say about it... So I just sucked it up and I'm gonna attend the classes for F4. Which means this is gonna be my third time attending F4 classes. I'm pathetic =_=

Haiz... What life I have....

anyway. Peace Out (Y) and wish me luck

Monday, June 29, 2015

bad or unenthusiastic responses

Hello!! Another half year had pass. Lots of things had happen in these few months. Actually, I wanted to blog, but I couldn't find the right time and lots of distraction at the same time, since I love to watch drama and variety show. ah hem..... Running man and WGM...

Quick update on myself about what brief happen in these months before I share the topic that I'm gonna issue. Finish my finals just few week ago and start to catch most of my Running episodes and WGM. Of course, managed to watch finish some kdramas, eg, School 2015, Ex-girlfriend club and currently watch Orange Marmalade.

Results for my last December finals... I failed all... *sigh* 
So I resit for F4 and F9 and took new paper which was F7. Gonna take F5 resit paper on September that's coming soon. For this time finals, I don't know that I have the guarantee that I'll pass, but I'll pray hard and hope it will pass. I don't want to fail again :(


I just came back from my Penang trip with my CAT gang. It was fun, it I have the time, I'll maybe will blog about it.
What I want to talk about here is RESPONSES.

This hits me because on the last day of my Penang trip when I was traveling back to KL for lunch in Ipoh. We were sitting near where the server/drinks maker and that kopitiam or hawker stall also known for the fruit ice blend. 

The ice blender sound was quite loud, and one of my friend told me,
Friend: "Hey MX, the sound sounds like Ferrari car"
Me: "What??"
Friend: "The ice blend"
Me: "Oh... okay" 

And then her expression wasn't good, like she didn't expect that kind of responses and feel disappointed My excuse of being like that was I half awake since I was snoozing in the car.

Me: "Then what you expect me to response??"
Another friend: "You should be more excited like, 'Woah!! I know right!! It does sound alike!!'

Then I felt guilty for responding like that because this wasn't the 1st time I'd responded like that. She mentioned before that it's like I pour cold water (in Chinese expression)

At that moment, it also remind me when I was young. I like to try to impress my mom on everything I do. For example, I would draw a pic almost everyday and wait for her until she comes back after work to give it to her. Her response was like "oh, okay. Thank you", that's it, if I remember correctly. I also remember that I tried to do something, I forgot what it was, and my brother was around. So I asked him whether that my mom would like it or not. He say, she won't bother much. It turn out, it's true. Her response was not what I hope for.

Until now, sometimes I would share my stories that I thought was excited or worth sharing. But I share almost everything to her. Most of her responses were short responses till now. When she gives short or unenthusiastic responses or even sometimes she will not have response, I would feel a tiny bit of disappointment, but it doesn't bother me much as when I was a little kid. I know it's her character and she actually listens. It's just that she also do not know also how to response.

I realised that my mom and me are not the expressive kind of people. 

So when my friend asked me like that and I responded like that, I know that feels cause it happen to me and, it might sounds like an excuse, my mom also rubbing on me until I also don't know how to be more enthusiast. I also trying to work on myself to be more enthusiast. Hwaiting!!!

Peace out (Y)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Penang + Ipoh last day

So I quite say nothing much gonna happen.

We woke up, check out with the landlord and look for late breakfast nearby. I had a bit of mix feelings. Happy that I finally gonna be back home. Sad that the trip with friends was gonna end. And of course, I'll miss the yummy food over at Penang.

The landlord had recommended to have the curry laksa in Air Itam market place. It's the sisters curry laksa.
The sisters
Vefie with elderly sisters
The famous curry laksa
I really like this curry laksa. Not too spicy even though I mix with the sambal given. If I'm not mistaken is also white curry. If I come Penang again, I would eat this again.

Before we left Penang, we went to buy tambun biscuit, or tau sah peah (豆沙饼). I didn't buy cause I know at home, not much people will eat, end up only my mom eat.

After buying, we left Penang. I think I nap a bit, then we reached Ipoh for lunch. my gosh... S's driving skills is very good. We ate yong tau foo for lunch at Ipoh Big Tree. The original shop had move to the next shop, I think because it was more space.

Then we went to tau foo fa for dessert.

And that's it.. That's the end of the exciting road trip after S drop XY, WL and PQ at their place and me at LRT.



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Penang Day 3

Today's is gonna be exciting, nervous and tiring day, I think. This is because today we will be spending most of the time in the Escape Park.

We had dim sum for breakfast, because we actually don't know what else to eat before the hectic day ahead.

At least that we were full enough for the workout later. Our plan at that time was reach Batu Feringghi around 10am, since that was when the park opened.

At first, before going in, I was like feeling like super brave and confident and I said I'll try all the extreme stuff, like the bungee jump, flying fox, monkey business, etc. *nervous laugh* I said it too early... When I got there, I took back all the words I said to anyone that I told. I was back to the scary cat. It took me some time to get my guts together to try out most of the stuff..

We try the Monkey Business 1st. Monkey business has 3 level. Of cause we will try the Level 1, we are not pro!!! Gosh.... It was my first try, I was beat already. Since it was my first, I admit, I was pretty scared that I would fall in the middle of the course, I know myself I'm not a good "balancer". At the same time, I felt guilty for WL. Level 1 has 2 line. After the 1st line, WL didn't continue the 2nd line, and I should had been lining or standing before her, at least she had someone got her back. In the end I did managed to finish the whole course of level 1. 

At the beginning, the girls said that after level 1, then will continue level 2. *lol* But we end up said, try other things 1st only continue level 2. everyone was already tired and arms were numb and sore from grabbing the wire and rope and the tenseness if fall.

XY's friend had recommended that play from the back of the park and slowly move forward back to the entrance. When we play monkey business, there was not much people, that was like we chose monkey business level 1 first.

After the monkey business, we bought some can drinks... You must prepare on spending lots of money on the F&B, since the prices there are about 2 times of the normal price. 

Next stop, we tried jungle swinger. I of cause hesitant to do, but wanted to try at the same time. My first impression of this was like Tarzan. It was fun, and scary at the same time. I wanted my eyes to open when I jumped or fall, whichever was the correct term. End up my close my eyes. 

Next of, Kite flyer. I think this was pretty scary. We need four people to play this. Two sit on the kite another two need to cycle in a bicycle prepared somewhere behind. PQ and me one pair and S and XY another pair. PQ and me sit on the kite first, cause S and XY can rest later when we ride the bicycle next. The bicycle is to lift the kite to the height for drop off. When I got strapped on my harness to the kite, my thoughts went wild. I was like starting to regret getting on, thinking that I would fall off *touch wood!!!*, like I said all kinds of thoughts were running in my head. At the same time, I see that I gradually slowly lift higher of the ground and S + XY was like complaining that they had not enough energy to cycle more, I heard that the worker took over and helped us to lift it higher. The anticipation on it was tense. Moreover I was in charge on pulling the trigger to drop off. 

The moment when the guy in charge for counting down to pull the trigger, I was so nervous and pull. End up I forgot to lift my head up as instructed just now. At the starting of the drop off was super scary. Scream my lungs out, my heart felt like it had jumped out from my chest. In the end, I felt nice and the adrenaline rush make my legs felt weak. I felt adrenaline from every thing anyway, since I'm actually a scary cat. Then next it was our turn to cycle S+XY up. PQ is an athletic. So when we cycle, I can't catch her up, she so fast. The chain of the bicycle keep came off, I felt so embarrassed of being so slow. I was grateful the PQ keep her pace at the beginning with me and then later on she took over. We success!!! Without the worker's help.

Flying lemur was next. Flying lemur is a longer flying fox. We need to hike quite a bit. When we reached we strapped ourselves on harness, WL didn't join us on this again. When I stand on the platforms to start do the flying fox, there was always the hesitation the start. I manage to step off the platform. XY was in front of me and PQ was behind me. S was the first in line. Until the last leap, it's considered the longest flying. When I was about the fly out, suddenly I saw XY reversed back and got stuck in the middle of the line. Then the person in charge for the flying lemur came for the rescue. *lol* The only way to describe how he rescue is like, he had to how the cable in a monkey-like. Moreover, he pull her quite fast also.

While we finish the course while waiting for PQ, we were told the guy will open another path for the flying lemur. This path it's considered advance level, because it has obstacles like in the monkey business. The guy there said estimate will finish in 30 minutes. After I heard this, I'm being a pussy and didn't follow S and PQ. So XY, WL and me were waiting for them. Another reason why I didn't follow was because I was also starting to feel tired. After 15 minutes, S and PQ finish the whole course. All of us were surprise by the time. Then I was thinking, I should had follow them. One of the reason they were fast was they were around the first few to enter the advance path.

After the flying lemur, we had our lunch. I can't say I enjoyed my lunch, Had some beef patty burger. Yup, nothing much to say about lunch. It came with a drink, but, yup, that's it. We rest up a bit.

Next Stop. Tubber Racer. We had to carry our own tube up the slope. Caution... The slope are slippery. Haiz.... Everyone that was carrying the slope were annoyed that we had to carry and tired just right after eating and afraid whatever we ate will come out. I slipped a few times. *lol* We need to climb the slope for quite long. We can slide down by groups. PQ and XY went down first. Then S, WL and me later. It was thrilling a bit on the start and later just feel nice. But, we slide down was way faster than we walked and climb all the way up.

Atan's leap is something like bungee jump but not bungee jump. It's more like free fall in Camp 5 in 1 Utama. The moment when climb to the top, the feeling it was something like in Kite Flyer, I think 2 times more nervous?? cause is my own leg that need to fall out. At first I didn't want to play Atan's leap since I was about to chicken out. Friends convince me and I also gather my tiny guts to climb the stairs. It's 20m high. Damn.... It's scary... I actually forgot to land, so I landed on my butt... *lol* One thing for sure, it was hurt. And also, maybe it was bit shocking when I step out of the platform, I was like choke on my own scream or maybe too shocked to scream. and my heart was pumping like crazy.

We kinda got much time to bit kill, so we thought replay the Kite Flyer. When we were back to the place, there were a group of people already. XY, S and PQ wanted to play.. I wanted out. But I don't mind to partner with PQ, if she wants to play. So while waiting for our turn, PQ suddenly change her mind that she doesn't want to play, but we need to cycle them up. 

At that time, we need to wait for quite some time. So S and PQ went to try out the Aerobat. I know my strength, I so know that I know I can't swing and lift myself up. I watched Strawburry17, she did once. So yeah...

When we were done with aerobat, we thought of going back to kite flyer, but we saw the same group as just now was still there, so we change our plan to back the flying lemur, since XY and me haven't try out the advance level path. And also we manage to convince WL to join. This time, WL insist that she don't want to be last in line. So I volunteer to be behind her. PQ was out here, because she doesn't want to do things twice. So PQ in charge of taking our photos. When I was doing my 2nd obstacle, I already could hear XY and S voice. I was patient and give some support advise to WL, cause I could she that she was hesitating a lot. I think it took me half an hour to finish the whole course.

WL asked the guy in charge whether she's the slowest. Of cause he don't want to hurt her feelings, and said she was the fastest. He also mention there was a girl got stuck in the middle around 4 times and that's break record and WL also break record, and we all had a good laugh.. :)

Lastly, we end our trip here with monkey business level 2. I was out, WL was out and XY was out. S and PQ was the fittest went and try out. I was chickining out. XY became photograpger for S and PQ. WL and me just chill~~~

So let's the picture party begins!!

Our gloves, except S, bought from Daiso

The guy in charge in flying lemur/rescuer 
attempting on climbing a coconut tree

In the end of this trip, I of cause had fun, despite all the tenseness and adrenaline rush. Experience things I might not do it again. I did feel proud in the end, even though I didn't play all. At least I've accomplish a bit of my bucket list.

Before we return to our rooms, we went a trip to have cendol. XD

Then we return, bath, rest up a bit and we look for dinner. Our initially plan is to eat some fried oyster and the famous Aki Pancake. Who knows when we reach Super Tanker and pancakes in Aki Pancake was sold out. Bummer.. We were too hungry already, so we settled our dinner there.

We continue our food hunt to Gurney Drive for Crepe Cottage.
Coconut crepe
Mango Cup
The ice cream was very smooth and the fragrance was very nice.

In the end of the night, everyone was super tired, everyone had sore arms.

And yeah... So that's it... Day was well spend... Tired... Happy... And what else... Yupp.... That's all..

Peace out!! (Y)